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Treating paws with a heart. 

About Us

Located in Roswell, Georgia, our clinic excitedly opened its doors in August of 2019. We are dedicated to promoting ethical vetting practices, responsible pet ownership, and enthusiastically supporting our patients and their parents from birth through their senior years. We offer state-of-the-art diagnostics including digital x-ray machines, sonography, and an in-house laboratory. 


Our Story

Though our doors opened in August of 2019 in Roswell, Georgia, our clinic was born in the heart of Dr. Rebecca Banner years prior. Dr. Banner envisioned a welcoming environment where both pets and their parents could feel well cared for, safe, and loved. As a teen and young adult, she worked for her beloved “Dr. G”, who taught her quality of care, connection with clients and patients, and how compassion could be her strength. She then attended veterinary school and has since worked consistently in both general practice and emergency medicine in Georgia and South Carolina. Finally, in 2018 she was ready to start a practice of her own, dedicated to the values she learned growing up in the field. Dr. Banner's love for rescue shines in her clinic’s partnerships with rescue organizations, providing quality services to assist in placing rescued cats and dogs into their forever homes. She strives to treat every pet as a beloved family member, even the ones that aren’t home quite yet.

“Treating Paws with a Heart” is Dr. Banner’s mantra of passion and compassion for pets and their caregivers every day.  

Dr Banner holding a white dog.

Dr. Rebecca Banner

Meet Our Staff

We pride ourselves on fostering a warm and inclusive environment for our staff, striving to care for each team member as an individual and with the utmost respect.  Click the link below to learn about our dedicated staff. 

Picture of a white building with brown trim covered by large green trees.

Clinic Pictures

Dr Banner cutting a purple ribbon during the open house in 2019.
A group of women and one child in gray scrubs. Two people are holding a plaque that has the logo.
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