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Angel Fund
for Pets in Crisis.

A stone angel on the left. Central is Paw Patch Animal Clinic logo. Introducting the Angel Fund.

New Angel Fund

Our community is filled with the most generous, loving, and special people around. As pet parents, we all understand the anxiety that comes from having unexpected pet health emergencies. For some pet parents and their pets, it can be financially devastating. This is why we are introducing our new Angel Fund. The Angel Fund is a voluntary, donation-based** program designed to assist pets and their owners in a medical crisis. All funds donated to the Angel Fund are used to pay for direct costs associated with medical procedures. It is our hope that, with this program, we will be able to aid pet parents in navigating crisis situations and save pets that otherwise might have to be euthanized due to the cost of care. Use of funds includes diagnostics (in-house and send-out laboratory panels, X-rays, and ultrasounds), medications, surgery costs, and other services.

Who is it for?

  1. Existing Paw Patch Animal Clinic clients facing a financial crisis (i.e., loss of job or home; recently had a separation, divorce, or serious illness; or people on a fixed income such as disability or Social Security) with a personal pet that has a treatable or curable medical crisis due to an accident, acute illness or other condition.

  2. Pets without known owners brought to our clinic in medical crisis.

What are the rules?

While we understand the importance of routine and preventative care, including heartworm preventatives, vaccines, and spay/neuter services, the Angel Fund is not intended to cover these types of costs. Our community has many low-cost or free services available for routine care; we will be happy to provide a list of resources for those in need of routine care. Funds for the program will be divided into two accounts: Canines and Felines. Donors can choose which fund or funds they wish to donate to. When the account reaches a maximum balance, we will stop accepting donations until the fund has been depleted to 50% or less of the maximum amount. 

How can I contribute?

Donors may donate by cash, credit card, or check; this can be done either in person, by phone, or by mail (checks only). 

Phone: (678) 535 - 7290

Address: 1150 Upper Hembree Rd. Roswell, GA. 30076

**Paw Patch Animal Clinic is NOT a tax-exempt entity. Donations to the Angel Fund are NOT tax-deductible. Sales tax will be applied to Angel Fund paid accounts and paid via the Angel Fund as applicable as governed by state law.

Let's Work Together

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of pets despite financial challenges. Thank you for partnering with us.

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